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Yesterday I matriculated at Oxford. Basically, matriculation is like opposite graduate. You wear silly outfits called subfusc, and you go to the Sheldonian Theater. Then the Vice Chancellor says a couple sentences in Latin, and then you’re admitted! The best part was the free lunch provided by my college after the ceremony But it was […]

I joined the rowing team

Yes, I decided to join the rowing team. Because it’s Oxford. And because working on my masters, working 20 hours a week, and working on my novel are not enough things. It’s not actually as crazy as it sounds. I asked to join the “C-boat” (so like, the third string boat) and we go out […]

Oxford Freshers Fair

Today I attended the Oxford Fresher’s Fair, which is where you sign up for clubs and stuff. It was insane! There were tons of organizations and booths and they sort of herd you through all the booths. I signed up for a ton of ridiculous things. Here is just a sampling of the clubs and […]

Good news, my clothes survived

and more importantly I now have clean socks. It’s been a good day.

My Biggest Challenge

so far has been buying laundry detergent. None of the brands are familiar, and they’re divided into categories called “bio” and “non-bio” which means nothing to me. Here’s hoping I don’t destroy all of my clothing…

October 2, 2014

Cafe # 4 – Pret A Manger

I read at Blackwell’s cafe the other day but forgot to take a picture. So that was reading spot 3. This morning after work I stopped in at Pret for a hazelnut latte (not sweet enough for me) and a chocolate croissant (that was sweet enough!). Now I am waiting here for a while before […]

Ack I’m Already Behind

Ugh I knew this would happen! Blogging is hard. But, in my defense, I’ve spent the last week doing a variety of crazy activities. Here are the major highlights: 1. I made some friends (hi new friends!) 2. I got a job 3. I bought a bike so I can get to said job I’ll go over […]

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