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Website Work

I’ve mentioned before that one thing I do quite a lot of at work is website development. We use WordPress to build our sites, and host them on a Davidson server. I have learned a […]

Feb, 10 · in Career

The Physical and the Digital

Today was the first ever CLAW conference , which was hosted at Davidson and supported by Libertas and The Davidsonian. I attended several of the events during the day, and I gained a lot from the […]

Feb, 10 · in Career,Thinking Things


I am very behind on posting and writing about the new things I am learning, so I thought I would add a few posts and hopefully catch up a bit to where I am now. […]

Feb, 07

Poem: Rennibister Earth House

  Rennibister Earth House   Burial smells like I expect, when I descend into a barrow behind the stables of an old farm, wet soil, salt, and old books I crawl on my elbows, dirt […]

Dec, 11

Python & Twitter

It’s been a few weeks since my last post but Thanksgiving – and football games – make for a perfect opportunity to catch up on some posts. Recently, I worked on a fascinating project collecting […]

Nov, 24

An Open Letter to ABC

Dear ABC, You’re doing it right. You are navigating the new waters of digital content brilliantly. As a consumer who watches almost 90% of my content online, I am often annoyed and frustrated when I […]

Oct, 11

Survey Results & Research

A while ago, my department sent out emails to the faculty requesting feedback on the technology and set-up in the classrooms on campus. And guess who got to compile and analyze the findings? This girl! […]

Oct, 09

Tips for Interviewing

As promised, here is the sheet with helpful tips and suggestions for conducting a video interview. ANT 206: Interview Assignment Assignment (The Interview, due Sept. 28 in class): Conduct a personal interview. The interview will […]

Sep, 30

BREAKING NEWS: Teaching = Rewarding.

I have now led a class – alone – twice now, and both times went off pretty well. But, I’ll get to that. First, a little background: I’ve been working fairly closely with an anthropology […]

Sep, 30

The End of Buffy (Ten Years Late)

I love Joss Whedon’s work. My first introduction to Whedon was Dollhouse, which I discovered on Netflix my freshman year of college. I had a rough time that year transitioning to college and leaving my […]

Sep, 20

Review: Shaman’s Crossing

When I was traveling in Europe earlier this summer, I read Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy. No, read isn’t quite the word – devoured is more like it. I absolutely loved the books. I read them […]

Sep, 20

Introduction to Storytelling

(This was the oldest, fattest looking book I could find for free reuse. LOVE.OLD.BOOKS.)  In the past two months at my job I’ve done a little bit of teaching. (I am an instructional technologist after […]

Sep, 07

Self-hosting…Part 2

So, after my post earlier this evening, I got excited and decided to go ahead and say “oh whatever” (no seriously I said it out-loud.) I signed up in about 3 seconds for Bluehost. Of […]

Sep, 06

Self-hosting WordPress

At work I do a lot of support for classes using WordPress. We self-host all of those so I have really grown attached to the plugins and flexibility of that platform. It has also been […]

Sep, 06

Wishing I was at Dragon*Con…

Sigh. Davidson does not take Labor Day off, which means I worked today. It also means that I did not get to attend Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year. On the plus side, I DID get […]

Sep, 03

Thinking about Twitter

In my last post, I mentioned my super cool boss. Well, she is also a big user of Twitter. And in my ongoing quest to conquer the internet and social media, I decided I should […]

Aug, 31

iPads in the Classroom

At work today I worked on developing the baseline surveys for the iPad pilot we are initiating with three professors. We are distributing iPads to three classes in different departments to experiment with using the […]

Aug, 30

Current goals: 8/1/12

1. Keep up with my couch to 5k program (on week 6 at the moment woohoo!) 2. Write 500 words on my novel every day 3. Record what I learn at work 4. Waste less […]

Aug, 02

500 words a day

That’s the goal. Of course, I usually get between 0-200, at best. But 500 a day. JUST DO IT. If I say I want to be a writer, I need to commit to writing. It […]

Aug, 02

here we go!

Hey there! This is my first post on this new blog. I have tried blogging in the past but have failed very miserably at it. This time, I am going to try to be better. […]

Aug, 02